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Smart technology delivering additional convenience.


For more than 50 years, BSH has produced high-quality appliance hardware for consumers worldwide, helping to make their everyday life easier. Home appliances will continue to be the basis for BSH’s successful future. The ongoing digitalization creates ever more challenging demands on appliances, impacting BSH’s core business.

Today consumers live, cook and maintain their homes differently than they did a decade ago. A refrigerator keeping food fresh or an oven heating up meals are not any longer sufficient; consumers expect even more from their appliances than a perfect performance. Smart technology delivering additional conveniences are the future norm: Refrigerators will automatically restock groceries at an online supermarket including delivery and ovens will set ideal cooking temperatures for perfect dishes.

Becoming the industry leader for digital services and kitchen experiences.

Changing needs of everyday lives have to be met, forward-looking technologies implemented and individualized services rendered. In order to meet the constantly evolving consumer needs, BSH has a clear objective: The company aspires to become the industry leader for digital services and kitchen experiences for connected consumers, creating innovations that offer tangible benefits for them.

To achieve this goal, BSH will transform itself from a supplier of home appliances to a company that offers personalized digital functions, services and content, in addition to appliances – evolving from a hardware to a Hardware+ company.

“Hardware+ is our vision of how we see ourselves in the near future – as a company that offers both innovative home appliances and digital services to improve consumers’ quality of life.”

Eva Christensen, Corporate Digital Transformation Office

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