The future moving in

The Siemens Home Appliances brand.

Future does not start in space but right at your home – the beginning of exciting possibilities. This is enabled by intelligent innovations and proven German engineering excellence in every of our appliances. Our technologies around connectivity and flexibility are best-in-class and responding to highest expectations. They contribute to the metropolitan way of living with architectural aesthetics and a timeless design. They create opportunities to enrich people’s lives with inspiring moments.

Our foresight enables Siemens to continuously invent the future for improved quality of life in people’s homes which makes us the number one brand in the German home appliances market and a worldwide market leader.

Siemens. The future moving in.


Intelligent sensor technology

„I think. Therefore I am.“ Is one fo the most famous philosophic statements. It also holds true for your home appliances with intelligent iSensoric technology. Through various sensors they can even see, fee and communicate. This gives you the time to experience extraordinary moments while not worrying about your household.



Internet of Things

There are a thousand reasons to use the internet – but only one for your home appliances: You. Via Wi-Fi home appliances can communicate and solve problems independently to make your day-to-day life easier and more flexible.



varioSpeed combines two known technologies – microwave and hot air. The oven automatically combines the selected heating method with the microwave function to reduce cooking time by up to 50%.



The work of Siemens engineers is particularly noticeable once you feel a genuine relief in everyday life. A great example is the i-Dos system that automatically determines the exact amount of liquid detergent needed for each laundry cycle and conveniently holds enough liquid detergent for around 20 washes, meaning you don’t have to measure and fill the container for every wash.


Talking appliances

In 1984 people not only talked about Siemens home appliances – but with them. This pioneering technology paved the way for home appliances to become more than just working devices but part of a modern lifestyle.


The first electrical kitchen

Cooking with fire reaches far back into the past. In 1916 the future started: With the electric kitchen “HK 397” Siemens initiated a new era and laid the foundation for the level of comfort we know today.

BSH Home Appliances Group is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG

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